Chapter 1 : The Seduction

I realised he was hooked when he picked up on my comment that I thought of myself as an exhibitionist.

'If you like being looked at ... and want to do things with Tim ... I'd really like watching you', he said hesitantly.

There was more going on in his head than the innocent interest in naturism that had brought us together. I was fairly sure he wanted to take things on to a different level and hopefully into something more exciting.

I responded warmly and approvingly. 'Yes, I'd like that'.

We were grinning at each other and wondering how to take this idea forward when my husband, Tim, came back into the room. I wanted him to know that Gareth would be open to our fantasy but was uncertain whether to say anything. As the conversation faltered we returned to the safer subject of our properties as Gareth had, like us, recently moved into a new-build house. He was very interested in studying and admiring various features of our house and it was difficult to stop his flow and move the conversation on to something more intimate. He then asked if we had any sea views from our house and Tim suggested that we should all go upstairs 'to look at the sea views'. I was soon leading the way knowing that this was a strategy for getting Gareth into the bedroom. We were both beginning to realise that there was a good chance we could seduce this young man.

As naturists it had been perfectly natural for us to get our clothes off downstairs but being naked in a bedroom felt very different. As we stood looking out of the window Tim gestured to me to get closer to Gareth and so I leaned against him, pressing my breasts against his back. He turned around with an expression of amazement and pleasure on his face. I put my arm around him and told him I liked being touched and encouraged him to touch my breasts. In no time he was sitting on the bed and fondling my breasts as I stood in front of him. 'Wendy, I'm in heaven!', he said and I felt a warm glow as he played with me and looked into my eyes. The sense of intimacy and connection between us was exhilarating.

Suddenly I noticed that Gareth was sexually aroused. His cock had popped up from nowhere and was extremely hard and shiny. I was amused by the suddenness of his erection pointing at me but I quickly assured him that I was delighted to see I was having an effect. I gently touched his cock while he continued playing with my breasts.

It was not long before we were lying on the bed examining each other's bodies more intimately and getting increasingly excited. His cock was a good size and consistently rock hard and I enjoyed looking at it and imagining how good it would feel inside me. Then he began exploring my pussy with his eyes, hands and tongue until I felt myself getting very wet. Like most young men he knew all about the clitoris and used his tongue to stimulate it gently and rhythmically. He could tell I was enjoying myself as I groaned with delight. I could hear him panting with excitement.

Gareth was clearly happy to be seduced. He was polite and respectful and eager to please but I sensed that his only experience of sex had been with girlfriends who were 'nice' girls. He had probably never met a woman like me before - someone who was unashamedly sexy and hot. It seemed a good idea to check that he was happy to proceed.

As we paused for a moment Tim explained that he was impotent and incapable of satisfying me and I needed a young man who was capable of relieving my frustration. We had been looking for someone who would be interested in satisfying me on a regular basis. While Tim was talking I was discretely applying lubrication and playing with myself. Gareth quickly assured us that he would like to do whatever was required of him.

I smiled and showed my appreciation by kissing him passionately. He responded with equal passion pushing his tongue into my mouth and tweaking my nipples. This was very enjoyable but the mood was almost too relaxed - as though he was still too respectful towards me. I decided it was time to move things on. I climbed on top of him and took hold of his cock and told him how satisfying it was to me - 'so big and hard and lovely to touch'. I guided it towards my pussy and rubbed it against my clitoris and watched as it jerked up, even more erect. We kissed wetly and open-mouthed and while I held his cock and gradually eased it into me while sitting astride him. I was very comfortable with this position and he seemed to enjoy it too. It was a good way of getting the foreplay that I needed, stimulating me in the most sensitive places, making me hot and wet and provoking an intense feeling of being desired.

Once I felt ready sufficiently aroused I slid off him and asked him to get on top. His cock rubbed against me and I told him how much I wanted it. I played with my clitoris while helping him to find his way in. At first my pussy was tight and unyielding but he persevered and his cock remained amazingly hard. He used the wet tip to stimulate my outer lips and I was able to assist by gently guiding him in. Then, all of a sudden, he was inside me and both of us relaxed into each other. As I gripped him tightly we both began thrusting together in rhythm. I sensed that he was too polite to cum in my pussy and suggested he should cum over my breasts. In no time I felt his juices running over me and I showed my appreciation by massaging myself with his cum. He then collapsed and it was all over.

The scenario that Tim and I had envisaged had gone down well. We wanted to indulge our sexual fantasies with a young man during the daytime. We had found Gareth on the internet through our shared interest in naturism and invited him to our home to meet as naturists. When he received my pic and saw my fabulous body and long golden hair he said that I looked gorgeous. He had been happy to accept our invitation to meet as naturists and had probably guessed that we had something else in mind.

At the end of his visit we agreed to meet again and Gareth left saying he would be in touch. I smiled to myself as I thought how easy it is to find what you're looking for on the internet.

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